Wisdom Traditions

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Wisdom Traditions


Karl Barth is known as one of a handful of German religious leaders who, early on, stood against Hitler and the Nazis. He once described the Bible as a conversation between God and the human family. We agree. The Hebrew scriptures and the New Testament are together a dialogue with communities of faith across time and space; a record of God posing questions and human beings seeking answers. When we read and reflect on them, in our day and time, we enter the conversation.

However, we do take John Robinson seriously. Remember him from the home page? God has yet more light and truth to reveal. He said this to the Pilgrims in 1620. To that end, we expand our wisdom dialogue to include sacred texts from other religious traditions. On any given Sunday we may hear a Hindu scripture along side a Hebrew one. A story of Jesus in one of the gospels may resonate with a story from the life of the Buddha. And wisdom from the native peoples of the Americas may speak to us with as much power as the Psalms or as much insight as Proverbs.

To this ever- expanding conversation add contemporary wisdom from poetry and literature, and the writings of deeply spiritual people. Come to our church for a couple of months and you just might hear from Gandhi, the Dalai Lama, Dag Hammerskjold, Einstein or Martha Graham. You may hear selections from Dickens or Emily Dickinson, Kafka or the great contemporary Greek poet Cavafy. Our wisdom traditions are a great conversation embracing the past and present, men and women, artists and poets... can we talk?



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